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Serving the public interest is OnlineCCI  also a principle that must be owned by a journalist. Journalist in charge of maintaining the continuity of a free press, continue to sue the accountability of power, avoid panic, they are not able to utter a sound, educating people to overcome the crisis.
  1. 2. Impact of Press Freedom

One of the pillars of democracy is freedom of the press, the press freely menyapaikan information in addition there is also no negativenya besides positive impact also on the human and the press agency itself as assault, expulsion, intimidation, banning of which up to lawsuits.

Actions that ensure the disclosure of information

  1. Laws that guarantee transparency of information
  2. Negating the political sensors
  3. Higher professional standards of journalists
  4. Determination of professional standards, independency and responsibility
  5. Adjustment provisions for the free press and the general public
  6. Fair in permberitaan against ruling

Guarantee freedom of the press in Indonesia set out in:

  1. Act 40 of 1999 on the press and journalistic ethics PWI and AJI
  2. Law No.32 of 2002 on broadcasting.

GOI and DPR Law No.32 of 2002 on broadcasting. By the law of broadcasting serves as a medium of information, education, entertainment healthy, control and social cohesion. As well as the law also submit broadcasting arrangements to the IEC (Indonesian Broadcasting Commission) to control broadcast media that do exist in Indonesia.


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