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Freedom of the press softschools  means immune communication media includes newspapers, books, magazines, radio and television from the control / sensor government. Freedom of the press is regarded as fundamental to the rights of individuals, without free media society and democratic government is unlikely to materialize. Through the recognition of the right to the opposite opinion, democratic government encourages political and social changes that peaceful and orderly. Dissolution of the Ministry of Information and the loss of this license marks a ashworth  major change in the world of Indonesian press. One indication sauté go round the increasing number of media both print media, radio and television. Although freedom of the press carries a negative side as exposing pornography and sexually explicit as opposed to the value of the existing norms in society.

According Rommy Sugiantoro in ethics there are two factors that play a role that is the norm and value norms, ethical behavior of concrete is the combination of 2 things. But who can control the ethics of the press is the public sendiri.Menurut theory of social responsibility of the press, the press is not only utilizes ethical public's right to know but also show responsibility for preaching to the public. Yng Ethics should possess a journalist at least equal to 9 social principles owned social professions such as:

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